about me

 My journey began in India, where I was born and raised, and continued on to USA, my home for over 30 years!

I have had a successful and fulfilling life with work, family, friends and some of the most memorable travel experiences! My love of travel has taken me around the globe and I know what it means to be a tourist in an unknown land. I can relate to the struggles of understanding the real meaning behind the sights and sounds of a new place. There are times we are physically present but do not feel connected emotionally and culturally. But what I have also learnt is that with right guidance and intimate experiences, we can plug the gap and make the travel experience more meaningful than just breezing through famous monuments and marking it off a checklist. In creating aaRna journeys, it is my humble attempt to bring authentic experience of India that I can feel when I am there to my American friends. In many ways, aaRna journeys has long been in making. It is a true representation of my life, a seamless blending of the best of two nations and two cultures. A well-balanced pairing of Indian flavors with the American ways.

My involvement with various community organizations has helped me understand the challenges and excitements of bridging two cultures and has shaped my life. I have tirelessly worked to share India’s heritage with local community through my teachings of Indian Classical Dance for over 20 years in the U.S. My current project includes serving as a city liaison to Vadodara, India, Greenville SC newest Sister City, partnering with local Indian organization to launch community outreach program to help the impoverished and serving on the board of Upstate International. My background in IT and project management serves me well in crafting amazing trips and resolving challenges.