Join us for a privately guided 2- week trip to India where we will see iconic sights with a focus on unique, life-changing experiences. On this journey, you will see India's rich history, vibrant culture, diverse food and meet some amazing people. Come along as we promise to delight you with authentic local experiences that are only possible in India. An amazing experience awaits you!

Delhi and Agra

Welcome to the capital of India, where the coexistence of 20th and 21st century India is visible throughout the city when you visit Old Delhi, Red Fort and Chandni Chawk. Experience a Rikshaw Ride.

Mahatma Gandhi memorial.

Witness one of the most iconic and historic monument of India, Taj Mahal. Enjoy a rooftop dinner with a view of magnificent Taj Mahal. Take a private yoga lesson facing the Taj Mahal

Jaipur and Jaisalmer

Jaipur, the ‘Pink City’, showcases the Rajput traditions of colorful costumes, food and forts

Enjoy festivities, bustling bazars, camel rides and a desert safari

Enjoy enchanting evening of folk dances and relax in luxury tents in Thar desert 

Indian textile market, block printing artisans and much more.


Welcome to Varanasi one of the oldest city of India and a spiritual  capital for Hindus. 

Take an evening boat ride over the ganges. Observe evening aarati with 100s of lamps and flower offering to the river. Early morning boat ride gives a different views of Ganges. 

Visit Silk saree weaving art of Varanasi, rickshaw ride through narrow streets of the ancient city. 

Pilgrimage to Buddhist monastery at Saarnath where Buddha gave his first sermon


Welcome to Chennai, South India's cultural hub. Land of temples.

Experience India's architectural and cultural diversity between north and  south India.

Visit Classical dance 'Gurukulam'. 

7th & 8th century temples at Mahabalipuram.