Greenville Sister City International Cultural Tour- February 8-20, 2019

Enchanting India Tour - Overview

Laxmivilas Palace Vadodara

Greenville Sister Cities International is planning a cultural trip to India in February 2019 to explore its history, lifestyle and diversity, ultimately bridging together the cultures of the two nations. aaRna's curated itinerary will not only include visiting iconic sights, but also  focus on providing unique, life changing experiences. The most fascinating parts of India are its history, vibrant diverse culture, and flavorful food. Join aaRna as we promise to delight you with authentic local experiences that are only possible in India. An amazing trip awaits you! 

*A bonus trip  to Vadodara, Greenville’s sister city from 6-8 February, is available as an add-on. This will be a great opportunity for  teachers, businesses, and nonprofits to connect and explore the beautiful city of  Vadodara.


Delhi and Agra


  • Welcome to the capital of India, where the coexistence of the 20th and 21st century is visible throughout the city.  
  • In Agra visit one of the most iconic and historic monuments of India,  theTaj Mahal. 

Jaipur and Jaisalmer


  • Jaipur, the ‘Pink City’, showcases the Rajput traditions of colorful costumes, food and forts. 
  • Jaisalmer, the golden city of Rajasthan in the heart of Thar desert



  • Welcome to Varanasi one of the oldest cities of India and a spiritual  capital for Hindus. 
  • Set on banks of river Ganges (Ganga), Varanasi is also famous for Silk sareees. The art dates back to 18th century home of silk weaving



  • Welcome to Chennai, South India's cultural hub, the Land of Temples and  home of  one of the major Indian Classical dance form originated in 200 BCE
  • Visit 7th & 8th century temples at Mahabalipuram.

We specialize in immersive experiences

Yoga facing the Taj Mahal

Authentic food at rooftop restaurants

Interactions with local artisans and performers

Bazaar walk

Elephant and Camel Rides

Temple visits including Puja ceremonies

Dancing bears rescue center

Village walks