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Ken & Janet Steketee


 "My husband and I agreed that this was the best trip we have ever taken! I especially liked that this particular trip was for a small group, less than 10. This made many things so much easier...dining out, checking into hotels, navigating crowded streets, etc. It would have been very difficult for my husband and I to go to India on our own. AaRna journeys provided us with cultural, educational and spiritual experiences. It was an excellent mix of city tours as well as nature tours. The tiger safari was quite an adventure!  And, we were fortunate to actually see a tiger! The hotels were extraordinary, ranging from luxury tents, to 5 star hotels and even a palace! India is a fascinating country that everyone should visit. AaRna journeys gave  us memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you for taking care of all the details! P.S. I included a photo of us on a camel. I never imagined we would ride a camel into the desert to watch a sunset! Absolutely incredible! "

Sandy Carr

Travel to India in all honesty was not on my bucket list. Opportunity arose with friends and the fac

 "While I have traveled in many countries, nothing prepared me for the adventure of India. aaRna Journeys gave me an experience of a lifetime. The detailed planning included many off the beaten track peeks into a world known by only a native.   

Whether walking through the 5th and 6th century UNESCO site Elephanta Caves or the 11th century UNESCO city of Ahmedabad, we were sheparded with the greatest care and concern for maximizing our experience while attending to our safety.

Our journey, much to the satisfaction of all in our group, allowed a certain level of immersion in this wonderful culture, engaging all our senses! Speaking of which, the food was a gastronomical delight providing a broad sample of regional specialties.

Given the depth of which I have been touched by this trip, I would have to call it nothing short of spiritual.

aaRna Journeys has found the right balance of adventure, education and fun with its tours of India."

Ellie Wilson



As one of the 8 travelers on the first Aarna journey to India, I was extremely and pleasantly

surprised by the comforts and safety measures that were incorporated into every side trip, meal, flight, hotel and transportation.  Individual concerns were addressed by Alka or Sudhir or one of the well-informed guides or drivers and even by hotel staff whenever needed.  Our group was prepared in advance for the well organized visits to numerous known and unknown sights.  And occasionally we were pleasantly surprised by an off-the-beaten path side trip to a festival, a dancing bear refuge, a small and safe street restaurant or even a small hand-print business lead by its owner.  All of these benefits plus the advantage of traveling in a small group at a very fair price made for a trip of a lifetime.  Many thanks to Aarna Journeys.

About aaRna

Who are we?

  • aaRna Journeys helps our clients bridge the cultural and language barriers by designing, coordinating, and operating custom escorted tours with our customers in mind
  • We specialize in custom small group travel to India 
  • Our knowledge of the Indian culture and language allows us to bring you the best of what India has to offer
  • We have partnered with local experts to provide you the best, safest, and most comfortable sightseeing experience in authentic locations
  • Most importantly, we have experience navigating India’s intricacies and understanding the needs, interests, and safety concerns of a US tourist (because often times we've been one!)

What do we do?


  • At aaRna journeys, we make India accessible. Our trips provide variety by balancing sightseeing with immersive cultural experiences, flavorful Indian food with multicultural dining options, and fulfilling days with opportunities to unwind. 
  • We cover it all.  Whether you're looking for a custom, group, or business package, we take care of all the planning, transportation, accommodation, and experience booking so you can relax and enjoy India.
  • Contrary to most theme based tours, we encourage our guests to indulge and participate in all of the unique experiences available only in India. We bring you the best of India within your budget, without sacrificing your safety and comfort, and at a price lower than traditional providers of personally escorted tours.

Why India? Why now?


  • Experiencing India can be life changing. The advancement of the Indian tourism industry has made the country safe, secure, and ready for travelers. 
  • 5,000 years of history have created a rich and diverse culture that varies in architecture, language, food, and traditions throughout the country.
  • The country is a unique paradox. We provide the opportunity to immerse yourself in a destination that is poor, rich, clean, filthy, spicy, plain, primitive, and highly advanced all at the same time
  • India is intensely alive and its people are friendly, industrious, optimistic, and striving for a better life, often against great odds.