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 Small group escorted travel to India and southeast Asia. Explore unique destinations with immersive experiences at an affordable price. Leave all your planning, worries and concerns to us as we take you up close and personal  on extraordinary aaRna journeys!!  

About aaRna


Who are we?

  • aaRna Journeys helps our clients bridge the cultural and language barriers by designing, coordinating, and operating custom escorted tours with our customers in mind
  • We specialize in escorted small group travel to exotic destinations 
  • Our knowledge of the local culture and language allows us to bring you the best of what the country has to offer
  • We have partnered with local experts to provide you the best, safest, and most comfortable sightseeing experience in authentic locations
  • Most importantly, we have experience navigating through intricacies as well as understanding the needs, interests, and safety concerns of a US tourist.


What do we do?

  • At aaRna journeys, we make Southeast Asia accessible. Our trips provide variety by balancing sightseeing with immersive cultural experiences, flavorful food with multicultural dining options, and fulfilling days with opportunities to unwind. 
  • We cover it all.  Whether you're looking for a custom, group, or business package, we take care of all the planning, transportation, accommodation, and experience booking so you can relax and enjoy.
  • Contrary to most theme based tours, we encourage our guests to indulge and participate in all of the unique local experiences. We bring you the best without sacrificing your safety and comfort, at a price lower than traditional providers of privately escorted tours.

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